why is a mezuzah hung diagonally?

Why is a Mezuzah Hung Diagonally?

The Question
Why isn’t the Mezuzah hung straight?
A simple enough question.
But those of you familiar with the intricacies of Rabbinic tradition know that even the simplest of questions can have deeply complex answers… Well,  today’s your lucky day, because the answer to this particular question is actually quite straightforward, and it involves a debate between two Talmudic commentaries with opposing opinions (bet you didn’t see that comin’…). Read more »
batman fimo mezuzah

Gift Ideas: Fimo Clay Batman Mezuzah

We’ve all gone through our superhero stage, right? Ya know, that stage when literally everything we do, eat, sleep or wear contains some element of our favorite cartoon superhero character. And for some, that glorious, fantastical stage can last well into adulthood (that’s totally normal right? Please tell me that’s normal… Please?! ).

Well for those of you looking for the perfect gift Mezuzah for the child in your life currently enjoying that magical stage, we have got the perfect Mezuzah for you! So reclaim your title as favorite parent/uncle/aunt/family-friend with this expertly crafted, 3D Batman Fimo Mezuzah and that special youngster will sleep that much more soundly each night, under the watchful and vigilant protection of their favorite superhero Mezuzah.

spiderman fimo superhero cartoon mezuzah

Fimo Spiderman Mezuzah

Ever since they first appeared on the desert-sand encrusted doorposts of our forefathers some 3,000 years ago, the powerful and mystically protective qualities of the Kosher Mezuzah have been well documented. Countless miraculous tales of personal and communal salvation by way of the Mezuzah have been told and retold throughout every stage of our storied past. These small, mysterious and yet legendary artifacts have long baffled the scientific observer, for what manner of potent defensive weaponry could this small, intricately sculpted Mezuzah possibly hold?

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking… Read more »

Worlds Largest Mezuzah

World’s Largest Mezuzah

The worlds largest Kosher Mezuzah stands 4.5 feet tall, is 10 inches wide and weighs close to 90 pounds. Affixed near the Western Wall in the holy city of Jerusalem by a local rabbi, the Mezuzah contains a Kosher scroll nearly 23 inches tall and made entirely of parchment. Featuring an exquisitely unique design inspired by Spanish artist and surrealist Salvador Dali, the outer Mezuzah case is made of bronze, with transparent casing over the scroll allowing it to be seen by the millions of devoted worshipers and tourists that flock to the Wall.

Noted French-Israeli philanthropist Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, benefactor of the Mezuzah was on hand for the unveiling, and shared his heartwarming sentiments in the following video clip… Read more »

world cup mezuzah

A Soccer Mezuzah and the World Cup

The fanatical fervor of the truly religious soccer (or more accurately, “futbol”) fan during the weeks of the World Cup is well documented and manifests itself in nearly everything they do. For these next few weeks, every avid World Cup fan worldwide will eat, sleep and breathe soccer. They will talk and think of little else. They will watch every second of every game and they will exult in their teams triumphs and despair in defeat.

Anyone out there who knows a true soccer fan knows what I mean; and you also know how all-encompassing  this soccer obsession can be. From T-shirts to accessories, it seems as though all things around them suddenly echo the theme of soccer in some way or another at this time. Even something as unrelated as a Mezuzah.

For those of you struck with an incurable case of World Cup fever, who also happen to be in the market for a Mezuzah, check out the Soccer Mezuzah by Reuven Masel. This Mezuzah would be a great way to complete your own World Cup themed makeover and would also make a thoughtful gift to a soccer-obsessed friend or colleague.

Go Team USA!



European Mezuzah Project

New ECJS Initiative Offers 5,000 Free Mezuzot

The European Center for Jewish Students (ECJS) recently celebrated its first full decade of operation by holding a long awaited Asian convention in the Turkish city of Istanbul, a historic landmark city that straddles the continents of Europe and Asia. The Brussels-based Jewish Youth Organization, gathered in the famous city —boasting such iconic sites as the famous Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar – in part to celebrate the launching of their exciting new Mezuzah Project.

The groundbreaking ECJS project offers free Mezuzot to individuals ages 18-39, with the stated goal of placing 5,000 mezuzot on the doorways of Jewish homes across Europe.

According to their website, once an individual submits a request, the mezuzah will be mailed to their local Rabbi who will affix the mezuzah to the doorpost of their home in accordance with Jewish law.

More information on obtaining a free mezuzah through the European Mezuzah Project can be found on the ECJS website www.ecjs.org

jerusalem stone mezuzah

Made In Israel: Shema Polished Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah by Caesarea

One of my personal favorites, the Shema Polished Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah is truly an iconic work of art. The casing of natural Jerusalem stone, hand carved by expert Israeli stone masons and specially treated to recreate the weathered stone look of archeological excavation sites, evokes deep, mystical and primordial feelings of tradition, pride and solidarity.

The unique look and feel of the stone, and the original graphic design inspired by ancient ethnic motifs makes this Mezuzah perfect for anyone who has ever visited the holy land and wishes to channel some of its unique divine energy into their homes. Read more »

roman mezuzah

An Ancient Roman Mezuzah

I have found the following story to be an inspiring and truly uplifting insight into the role of the Mezuzah in our lives and in our relationship with G-D. In fact, I was so moved when I first heard it, that I immediately made a note to share it with my fellow Mezuzah enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy it as well…

This story takes us back to near ancient times, circa 35–120 CE, as we join a fellow named Onkelos, somewhere in the blazing, sun scorched deserts of the  middle east. Onkelos, a member of the Roman royal family and nephew to the then Roman Emperor Hadrian,  is on a journey, traveling from Rome to Jerusalem, on a diplomatic errand from the royal Roman court.

Though he is unaware of this at the time, the journey he is on is about to alter the course of Jewish history and will change his life forever. Read more »

jewish scribe

What Makes a Mezuzah Kosher? Part III: The Scribe.

A mezuzah must be written by a qualified Sofer with special black ink and in quadrilateral (Ashuri) script, the same used to write Torah scrolls.

Many sofrim (scribes) write the mezuzah (as they do the Torah scroll and tefillin) with a reed. The Sages of the Talmud explained that the reed reminds us to be always

“Yielding like a reed and not unbending like a cedar.”

A mezuzah has to be written lishmah, for its own sake (i.e., expressly for the sake of the holiness of the mezuzah). Just before writing, the Sofer makes a declaration that he is doing it for the sake of the holiness of the mezuzah. Similar declarations are made before inscribing each Name of G‑d. G‑d-fearing sofrim, especially in Chassidic communities, have a custom to immerse in the mikvah (ritual bath) before writing a mezuzah, and some before writing each Name of G‑d. This is done to remove spiritual uncleanness and to write the mezuzah in purity and holiness. The sofer’s erudition in the pertinent laws is decisive in producing kosher mezuzoth. Nonetheless, his character, behavior, thoughts, in general and while writing the mezuzah in particular, affect the spiritual quality of the mezuzah and its protective power. Therefore, it is highly advisable to purchase mezuzoth from known sofrim with excellent reputations, or from a rabbi who knows a reputable sofer personally and can vouch for him. Read more »

wedding glass mezuzah by gary rosenthal

The Romantic Mezuzah

Hi all, my name is Rebecca E. and this is the story of the most romantic (yes you heard correctly, romantic!) Mezuzah I have ever seen, owned or even heard of.

It all started around this time last year, when my boyfriend Josh and I went to his parents summer home in the Hamptons for what seemed like just another “escape from the city” weekend at the time. Turns out Joshy had a ring in his pocket (O. M. G. Stunning!) and wedding bells in his heart. He wasted no time, proposing to me on the very first sun-drenched beach we visited.  My reaction was perhaps a little less ladylike than I would have preferred (I would like to apologize to the nice elderly couple that was sitting next us, I am truly sorry if I startled you with my screaming and carrying-on…) but, in my defense, I had been ready and waiting for this moment for a long time and was quiet overcome with joy. It was happening. It was really HAPPENING!!!

Now to the Romantic Mezuzah. Read more »