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The Times, They are- a- Changing?

The Talmud Gittin 45b states that Sifrei Torah, tefillin and mezuzah scrolls are considered kosher only when written by certain select groups of specially trained scribes.  Women, as a category, are not mentioned to be among them. However, in 2003, Canadian born Aviel Barclay became the world’s first known ‘traditionally’ trained female sofer. Since that […]

Making it Good While Doing Good

Gary Rosenthal runs a suburban Washington, D.C. studio where handmade contemporary Judaica   is crafted, especially in volume before the Chanukah season.  Glass, copper, and steel are expertly manipulated in the making of dreidles, mezuzahs, and menorahs. In the 1980’s, when the former Soviet Union agreed to let hundreds of ‘refuseniks’ out of the country, Rosenthal […]

Mezuzahs on a Mystery Building

Only an Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman can provide the answer, and it seems that at this time no one is volunteering. The question is, what is the purpose of Site 911, a new five story underground facility scheduled to be built as an Israeli Defense Force complex near Tel Aviv? Planners of this top secret […]

Free Printable Mezuzah Scrolls – Not!

They say that there is a market for everything.  What about an object that you and probably very few other people in the Jewish world have ever thought of. Well, the search for a free online Printable Mezuzah Scroll obviously has had some serious inquiries with intent to buy. I am really impressed. This totally […]

Something New Under the Sun?

Rachel Kranzberg Miller claims that she has discovered a revolutionary fine silver material called Precious Metal Clay or PMC.  Is this possible? Is this accurate? She is a metal artist who was named a finalist for the Niche Award, a national honor celebrating excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine crafts. The Mizel Jewish […]

Oy Vey, Father Ray!!

Father Ray Suriani recently delivered a sermon entitled, ‘Keeping our spiritual mezuzahs straight.’ Yes, you probably can already sniff out that something just isn’t going to be kosher.  On November 4th in a church in Westerly, Rhode Island, he told about how one of his congregants pointed out that the steeple of their church became […]

A Corona Comeback

On October 24th, the Tifereth Israel Synagogue in Corona, Queens officially rededicated the century old house of worship. Constructed in 1911, this stately building was made from wood, which over the course of time rotted and disintegrated. Funding for the project took a decade, and restoration of the exterior took two years, but resulted in […]

No Excuses

The West Seattle Torah Learning Center in the state of Washington is planning to host ‘Mezuzah Day’ on Sunday, November 11th. Rabbi Yehuda Greer, the reigning spiritual leader of the congregation, will make a “house call” to your home or apartment if you need a mezuzah for your entranceway. The mezuzah is free. The Rabbi […]

An Amulet, Is It or Isn’t It?

An amulet collection spanning 8,000 years is up for auction in Tel Aviv this Tuesday at Ben-Ami Endres Auctions, brought to you by collector Lenny Wolfe. If you’re in the market, the artifacts range in price from $25 to $5,000. The throat bone of a wolf that was used in the late 19th and early […]

Miami Heat Mezuzah

It could be a thoughtful gift for Dad, a brother, student, or even a sports minded kid, but if you are a Miami Heat basketball fan you’ll need one for yourself. The distinctive logo colors of black, white, and touch of yellow flame topping off a red basketball sunk down through the hoop reveals a […]