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A Mezuzah when I travel?

Last summer I went traveling along the West coast. I mainly went around Los Angeles and San Diego. It was a great experience. Since I love nature I spent a lot of my time hiking and camping out in many beautiful places. Before I began my summer travels, as I was packing, I was thinking […]

Watch that Mezuzah

It is not an uncommon occurrence that the details of objects located in the spaces we most frequently venture, and likewise, of items we use most often, remain unnoticed by our eyes. Obviously, one could not properly appreciate the extent of this truth until it be purposely brought to his or her attention. Today, I […]

s.f. giants jewish heritage night mezuzah giveaway

S.F. Giants Free Mezuzah Giveaway

Last night, in celebration of their 10th annual Jewish Heritage Night, the San Francisco Giants gave away around 2,000 free Mezuzahs to fans carrying specially marked Jewish Heritage tickets for their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The event began with a pre-game party in Seals Plaza located just beyond center field from 5 to 7 […]

Decorate Your Own Mezuzah Case

Decorate your own Mezuzah, paint it the way you’d like using the included paint and paintbrush. The ready to be painted Mezuzah case is crafted from find solid wood and includes two Mezuzah cases, two paintbrushes along with six paint colors (red, blue, green, yellow, white and black). Decorating your own Mezuzah is the perfect […]

A 70th ‘Brick’ Anniversary

A new Jewish museum is scheduled to open this Friday in Warsaw, Poland. It will be taking place on the 70th anniversary of the ill-fated ghetto uprising where a few hundred heroic Jews took up arms against the occupying Germans. Poland was home to a thriving Jewish presence for over one thousand years. A mezuzah […]

A Possible Hate Crime?

No.  A Love Crime!  Oh puleeeeeese!   Eleven mezuzahs were torched (not accidentally) on the outside doorposts of Jewish apartments in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York on April 7th.  This date just happens to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day which recalls the millions of Jews exterminated during the Nazi regime in Europe during World War II. […]

Where in the World?

Equatorial Guinea?  Where in the world is that? This corner of the globe lies in a very remote part of Africa which some say, upon setting foot there, feels like a moon landing. This territory was, in olden times, a poverty ridden Spanish colony in the port city of Bata. But have no fear.  The […]

You Can Keep Your Faith Here

Providence Tarzana Medical Center in Tarzana, California, a Catholic-run facility, was the first San Fernando Valley hospital to hang mezuzahs in all patient areas, even though only 20 to 25 per cent of the patient population is Jewish! “Our patients do not have to check their faith at the door,” according to Shawn Kiley, director […]

Good Jewish Homes Needed

Temple Beth El in Quincy, Massachusetts is looking for a few good Jewish homes for its fine arts and Judaica collection.  Sadly, this synagogue is closing its doors due to the shrinking numbers of the Jewish population in the town and its environs. A silver candelabrum, colorful mosaics, woven tapestries, silver crowns for Torah scrolls, […]

A New Custom at Customs

Ben Gurion Airport in Israel had mezuzahs put up at the new customs inspection depot during the week of January 20th. Customs workers, headed by manger Raphael Gabbai , made sure that a kosher mezuzah was put in every single doorway,  not  just on the main entrance. Rabbi Yaakov Glauberman gave his blessings and spoke […]