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My Jewish Life on Campus

When I first started out at Vassar college, I kept hearing how anti-Semitic they were. My mom was especially concerned and spent a lot of time reading about the Antisemitism at Vassar and then some time worrying about it. My mom was worried about how I’d be able to keep my Jewish identity and traditions […]

Keeping the Safeguard Safe

Contrary to what one might assume, choosing the perfect Mezuzah case takes exceptional effort. A child’s bedroom, for example, could take the loud, the colorful and the fun. Whereas the entry doorway to your home may demand a case of stately beauty, elegance, and warmth. It takes persistence and more time than one would admit […]

Guardian: The Physical and the Spiritual

Those familiar with the concept of a Mezuzah (a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith) would be the first to notice one. Particularly, if it were fastened to a doorpost in a most unexpected, interesting, place. The Century 21 […]

roman mezuzah

An Ancient Roman Mezuzah

I have found the following story to be an inspiring and truly uplifting insight into the role of the Mezuzah in our lives and in our relationship with G-D. In fact, I was so moved when I first heard it, that I immediately made a note to share it with my fellow Mezuzah enthusiasts. I […]

sammy davis junior and his mezuzah

Sammy Davis Jr. and the Mezuzah that Changed His Life

Yes, it’s true, the spiritual journey of Sammy Davis Jr. that would eventually lead him to Judaism began with a small mezuzah given to him by a friend. In 1953, Davis struck up a friendship with comedian and host Eddie Cantor, who gave him the mezuzah as gift. But instead of putting it by his […]