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Watch that Mezuzah

It is not an uncommon occurrence that the details of objects located in the spaces we most frequently venture, and likewise, of items we use most often, remain unnoticed by our eyes. Obviously, one could not properly appreciate the extent of this truth until it be purposely brought to his or her attention. Today, I […]

Mezuzah on a Roll

It is not uncommon that a person should find oneself so absorbed in a specific activity; be it working on a project, reading a thrilling novel, or even playing a game, that he or she entirely loses track of the swiftly ticking clock. One would sit down to tackle a task at hand and accordingly […]

Keeping the Safeguard Safe

Contrary to what one might assume, choosing the perfect Mezuzah case takes exceptional effort. A child’s bedroom, for example, could take the loud, the colorful and the fun. Whereas the entry doorway to your home may demand a case of stately beauty, elegance, and warmth. It takes persistence and more time than one would admit […]

Guardian: The Physical and the Spiritual

Those familiar with the concept of a Mezuzah (a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith) would be the first to notice one. Particularly, if it were fastened to a doorpost in a most unexpected, interesting, place. The Century 21 […]