Gift Ideas: Fimo Clay Batman Mezuzah

batman fimo mezuzah

We’ve all gone through our superhero stage, right? Ya know, that stage when literally everything we do, eat, sleep or wear contains some element of our favorite cartoon superhero character. And for some, that glorious, fantastical stage can last well into adulthood (that’s totally normal right? Please tell me that’s normal… Please?! ).

Well for those of you looking for the perfect gift Mezuzah for the child in your life currently enjoying that magical stage, we have got the perfect Mezuzah for you! So reclaim your title as favorite parent/uncle/aunt/family-friend with this expertly crafted, 3D Batman Fimo Mezuzah and that special youngster will sleep that much more soundly each night, under the watchful and vigilant protection of their favorite superhero Mezuzah.

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