World’s Largest Mezuzah

Worlds Largest Mezuzah

The worlds largest Kosher Mezuzah stands 4.5 feet tall, is 10 inches wide and weighs close to 90 pounds. Affixed near the Western Wall in the holy city of Jerusalem by a local rabbi, the Mezuzah contains a Kosher scroll nearly 23 inches tall and made entirely of parchment. Featuring an exquisitely unique design inspired by Spanish artist and surrealist Salvador Dali, the outer Mezuzah case is made of bronze, with transparent casing over the scroll allowing it to be seen by the millions of devoted worshipers and tourists that flock to the Wall.

Noted French-Israeli philanthropist Shmuel Flatto-Sharon, benefactor of the Mezuzah was on hand for the unveiling, and shared his heartwarming sentiments in the following video clip…


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