Where in the World?

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea?  Where in the world is that? This corner of the globe lies in a very remote part of Africa which some say, upon setting foot there, feels like a moon landing. This territory was, in olden times, a poverty ridden Spanish colony in the port city of Bata.

But have no fear.  The La Paz Medical Center, a state-of-the art hospital in this foreign terrain, has an authentic, kosher mezuzah on its front door, thanks to Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila of Chabad of Central Africa.

Much appreciation goes to Yardena Ovadia, an Israeli businesswoman who maintains a working relationship with the president of the city, Teodoro Obiang. Her generous support has helped to see this project through to completion.  Additionally, the many Israeli staff members working on the premises say the mezuzah on the door makes them feel like they are at home!


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