Nomads?……………..No Mezuzah!

no mezuzah here

no mezuzah here

Boy oh boy, buyer beware! Don’t be a target for an embarrassing scam which will allow you the opportunity to part with your money while you are on a picturesque, once in a lifetime, spiritually uplifting vacation in Fez, Morocco.  Yes, you may be carried away by nostalgia, and where better to buy an ancient, authentically oriental Berber mezuzah than in a traditional bazaar.

The unequivocal answer:  Not in the art gallery that claims that they have some magnificent samples left from the nomadic Berber Jewish tribe.  Since these wandering Jews had no doorposts, they wore their mezuzahs around their necks and around the necks of their camels.

If you are skeptical, you can rest assured that, indeed, your instincts are good.  There was never evidence at any time of any personal or camel mezuzahs. But in case you happen to believe their claims, I’ve got a bridge to sell…………………………

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