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The Mezuzah- A Reminder On The Doorpost of Your Spirit

In ancient times it was a Jewish custom recorded in the Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash to carry a mezuzah in a walking stick for protection. It was used for personal spiritual fortification, and not solely to fulfill the halacha of being affixed to the doorways of buildings where Jews reside. It is easily understood that […]

Nomads?……………..No Mezuzah!

Boy oh boy, buyer beware! Don’t be a target for an embarrassing scam which will allow you the opportunity to part with your money while you are on a picturesque, once in a lifetime, spiritually uplifting vacation in Fez, Morocco.  Yes, you may be carried away by nostalgia, and where better to buy an ancient, […]

The First Wireless Security System

When was the first recorded instance of the custom of someone placing a hand on the mezuzah and then kissing it? It is found in the Talmudic account about the famous Roman convert to Judaism, Onkelos. He was doing this as he was being led out of his home by the third set of Caesar’s […]