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Chief Rabbi of Israel Affixes Mezuzah to Bikum Cholim Room in UofM Hospital

After reciting blessings in Hebrew, Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Israel, placed a mezuzah, the parchment prayer scroll that marks a Jewish home, at the entrance of the modest but comfortable room where members of the Jewish faith can now find solace at University of Miami Hospital. Stuart Miller, UM trustee, had the honor […]

How often do you check your mezuzah?

Did You Know? A Mezuzah can last for many years when well protected, however, it does need to be inspected. Temperature and weather changes as well as age may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah. Each Mezuzah should be examined by a reliable scribe at least twice every seven years. […]

What a Mench – Chicago Lawyer helps out

When Much Shelist  principal Steven P. Blonder heard that residents at Shoreline Towers Condominiums ran into trouble when hanging mezuzahs in their doorways, he wanted to get involved. “What intrigued me, first, in this day and age, was that a condo association would prohibit the hanging of a mezuzah,” he said. “From a common sense […]

Oprah’s Hassidic thoughts about the Mezuzah

In Oprah’s next chapter on the Oprah Winfrey Network, the world reknowened TV personality shares her experience of visiting the close knit hassidic community in Brooklyn. In this interview, the celebrity talks about one of the things that she found most meaningful on her visit, the Mezuzah. Oprah’s visit to hassidic brooklyn, Oprah talks about the […]