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Texas state Senate passes mezuzah bill

May 22, 2011  (JTA) The Texas state Senate has passed a bill that would require homeowner associations to permit religious displays on their doors, including mezuzot. Under the bill passed late last week, the religious item must be under 25 inches and remain in the doorway, according to the Dallas Morning News. The bill will […]

The Mezuzah that Saved a Soul

by Molly Resnick Last week, I heard a truly touching story. Of all the exploits of Lubavitcher shluchim,         the following one does not rank in the top tier. But it’s a true testament to the                         movement and     […]

Mezuzah for Australian Israeli Embassy

  The Israeli embassy located in Canberra, Australia had their Mezuzah installed in a ceremony lead by Rabbi Dan Avital. Having recently renovated their offices, they called on their local Chabad Rabbi to provide the finishing touch on the establishment with the instalation of the mezuzahs. Rabbi Avital noted “the Mezuzah is a symbol of the Jewish […]

What is a Mezuzah?

A mezuzah, mounted on the doorpost, designates the home as Jewish reminding us of our connection to G d and to our heritage. Although Many use the term “mezuzah” referring to the decorative case in which the Mezuzah is often housed, the mezuzah is essentially the parchment scroll within, on which the “Shema” – a […]

Osama Bin Laden Killed Confirmed by the President

In an address to the nation on May 1st, 2011 President Barak Obama confirmed that Osama bin Ladin, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and countless others, has indeed been Killed. The terrorist leader was killed in an operation in Pakistan. Although Bin Laden has not recently been involved in the daily operations […]